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H+E.mining – We get to the bottom of things

Whether coal, cement or copper ore – H+E systems transport and distribute raw and construction materials: reliably and efficiently.

In the CIS states, old mines are modernized and new ones explored. H+E belt conveyor systems are used for these projects. The belt systems transport the excavated material via inclined shaft conveyor belts from underground to the surface.

The productivity of any mine is extremely dependent on the conveyor belts which need to run equally well at + 40 °C in summer and - 40 °C in winter. This demands materials and manufacturing techniques of a particular quality: not only made in Germany, but made by H+E Logistik.

  • Practical solutions for mining
  • Maximum operational safety: our conveyor belts work reliably – even in "tough situations"; whether at - 40 °C or + 40 °C, at extreme depths, under water or in areas at risk of explosion
  • Booster stations (intermediate drives) permit tight curve radii of under 200 meters and improved belt guides accompanied by maximum efficiency.
  • Our extendable system is supported by space-saving belt storage units. The horizontal and vertical belt storage units offered by H+E save both time and space.

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