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H+E.tunnelling – Clearing the way

We stand for reliable backup during tunnelling: our curving, extendable belt conveyor systems guarantee fast and smooth transport of excavated material. 

Whether under water, in the city center or high up in the mountains – H+E high-tech systems ensure that projects are handled in time even under extensive and extreme framework conditions. Thanks to our booster stations, they easily master the tight bends typical of metro tunnel construction. In large cities where spatial conditions are tight, we move excavated material without impairing the surrounding infrastructure. 

But we also support our customers in places where civilization is still at bay. Even in remote, undeveloped areas, our plants and well-conceived logistics have proved themselves in the construction of railway tunnels, for example. This also applies to projects with particularly large volumes of excavated material, e.g. when drilling tunnels for multi-lane high-speed motorways.

  • Seamless interface to automated tunneling and for conventional blasting
  • Clear-cut logistics solution without truck or rail transport means no fumes dispensing with the requisite ventilation systems
  • Low personnel requirements and maximum operational safety
  • High degree of efficiency thanks to belt extension during operations
  • Booster stations (intermediate drives): permit tight bend radii of less than 200 meters and improve efficiency thanks to belt force reduction on long straights
  • Horizontal and vertical belt storage units save time and space

Road tunnel: A highway goes underground

Alaskan Highway, Seattle, USA
Creating space for new and safe traffic routes: In summer 2013, the world's largest tunnel boring machine rolled through Seattle, Washington. More »

Railway tunnel: Finne Tunnel

Herrengosserstedt, Germany
As German unification traffic project no. 8.2, the rail route between Erfurt and Leipzig/Halle is integrated in the high-speed Berlin – Munich link. More »

Metro tunnel: two phases, one solution

Prague, Czech Republic
As a specialist is conveyor systems, H+E Logistik GmbH has developed an efficient conveyor system for a tunneling project in the Czech Republic. More »

Water tunnel: flying high at 90 degrees

Euclid Creek Tunnel, Cleveland, Ohio
The optimum solution where space is at a premium: H+E vertical conveyors easily handle any challenge even if the conveying height far exceeds 150 meters. More »

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