Brenner Basis tunnel

Two main tunnels bypassing Innsbruck with a total length of 64 km. Excavated material amount of 21.5 mio. m3 must be moved in tighest arrangements. The ultimate challenge for modern H+E conveyor systems. The world’s longest underground railway connection for goods and passenger transport is being developed under the Brenner Pass. With 37 conveyor belt systems and four highly effi cient stackers, H+E is part of a multinational project team to remove material from up to seven drifts out of the tunnel branches deep underground. More than 60,000 m of conveyor belt interact controlled from a central control room, always depending on actual requirements. The new H+E flyer, equipped with crawler drives, enables the perfect seculess transfer of removed material onto the conveyor belt.

37 Belt systems (overground and underground):

  • Conveyor length:    7 m - 11,620 m
  • Belt width:               800 mm - 1,200 mm
  • Capacity:                  280 t/h - 2,500 t/h
  • Installed power:      2 x 22 kW - 12 x 355 kW

4 Stackers:

  • Length:                     25 m outrigger
  • Belt width:               1,200 mm
  • Swing angle:            up to 210°
  • Inclination angle:    from -10° to +15°
  • Capacity:                  2,500 t/h
  • Installed power:     55 kW


Client: BBT SE

Construction company: ARGE H51 Pfons-Brenner