Move more with know-how

We aim for the perfect system – regardless of the task, material to be conveyed and location. We develop solutions and special designs tailored exactly to our customers' requirements. Perfect interaction by all components, high product quality and sound consulting and support guarantee the optimum operational safety of our conveying systems.

Our range comprises all engineering and support tasks as well as services: H+E handles the entire process from planning through financing models to commissioning. Our experts on site ensure that you receive competent support.

We accompany the entire process:

Planning & design

Detailed planning and project design forms the basis for optimum project realization. - More »

Construction & design

Each project is unique: Each customer, project and location is distinguished by its particular requirements and therefore demands implementation which is tailored accordingly. - More »

Assembly & commissioning

Our job goes far beyond planning and designing conveyor belt systems. - More »

Field service & spare parts

The right parts in the right place at the right time: in order to guarantee continuous operations, we supply spare parts and support the exchange process. - More »

Financing & buyback

What about the system once the project is completed? Cost-conscious construction companies include our financing models in their project calculations. - More »