Mining case study

Mining example: Alta stacker, Russia

H+E Logistik built and delivered a record-breaking swivel stacker for the purpose of stacking coal in Prokopyevsk, Russia: with more than 1 million tons of coal produced per month, it is a world record candidate. Thanks to its whopping delivery rate of 3,500 t/h, it stacks a kidney stockpile with a volume of 110,000 m³. The fact that H+E systems are tailored optimally to customer requirements and ambient conditions is demonstrated here all year round: the stable moving system on rails even permits reliable operation under tough conditions such as -40 °C and snow.


  • Length: 70 m
  • Delivery rate: 3,500 t/h
  • Belt width: 1,600 mm
  • Power installed: 2 x 200 kW
  • Stockpile volume: 110,000 m³
  • Installation: 2011

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